fr quest:The Great Treeble Race  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Counselor Jake in Greenwood Forest.
Counselor Jake says,"We all want to get in shape to support our camp leader, Chatty, in his totem grabbing attempt. That little guy sure is fast!

He's challenging everyone to beat the record time running around the lake. You want to try the Great Treeble Race too? "

Counselor Jake challenges you to beat the current best time for running around the lake.
This is an Errand quest. This quest is repeatable.

  1. Click on the barrel to start the race
  2. Beat the record time
  3. Return to Counselor Jake
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This quest is repeatable once per day during the event.

You have 55 seconds to complete the racing minigame.

Closing Remarks

Counselor Jake says, "Whoa, that's a pretty good time! You'll be in as good of shape as us soon!"

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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities only available in-game during the Summer Camp event.
In 2010, Summer Camp is scheduled to run from June 3rd through July 7th. (Introduced in 2010)

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