fr quest:The Golden Bear of Greenwood  

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To Start: Speak to Isabella in Greenwood Forest.
Isabella says,"We've got information about squirrels, birds, fish... Let's see. It looks like we haven't located the elusive Golden Bear.

They're very rare! Apparently they only wander Greenwood at night.

If you happen to stumble across a Golden Bear, will you let me know? "

Isabella and Carson have become interested in documenting information about the wildlife native to Greenwood and will compensate you for any help you can provide.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Coins 45 
Find the Golden Bear of Greenwood Forest
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I found the Golden Bear wandering just north of the Greenwood Camp, it looked like it was going to circle the mountain just north of the camp.

_ I found the bear under the sunny sky somewhere around Isabella but not very close,it has a question mark above it's head.

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