fr quest:The Eye of Necrosis  

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To Start: Speak to Dalton in Blackspore Swamp.
Dalton says,"They say there's a gem in the Haunted Mines called the Eye of Necrosis.

If I sent it to Donovan, we'd get a ton more breathing room to get this quarry up and running.

Would you see if you can find it? "

There's a rumor that an item of great value, the Eye of Necrosis, is located with the Haunted Mines. It's risky, but it might be worth searching for such a valuable item.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

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The Eye is in that first alcove completely blocked by a full spider web. Just walk through it to find the Eye in the middle of the floor, inside.

Free for the Taking Blackspore Swamp
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