fr quest:Studying Squirrels  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ridwan Lascher in Queensfields.
Ridwan Lascher says,"Did you know that some squirrels change color depending on their environment and the food they eat?

I saw a pink one once. Nobody believes me, though.

If you could gather some of the colorful squirrels for me, maybe I could prove them wrong! "

Ridwan wants you to collect some squirrels from different parts of Sacred Grove.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 38 
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Purple Squirrel is in Briarwood between the main entrance and The Snarling Hedges, along the main path. This one is the easiest to catch of the three. He is slow and stands still for a few seconds at a time.
Blue Squirrel is in Snowhill, between the large tree in the town center and the path to the hot springs. Like the Brown Squirrel, he is very fast. (User Note: Another strategy is to anticipate his run path and then spam-click where he will go past you when he gets close.)
Brown Squirrel is in Sanctuary, on the central island directly up the main path. He is FAST and hard to catch. I had to run towards him while spam-clicking. (User Note: Had no issue with this one, he stood there as I ran up to him and I got him first click. May be diff each time?)

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