fr quest:Stoke the Flames  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Babbina in Bristlewood.
Babbina says,"Gorg said I could throw coals on the braziers to make it brighter along the path but I'm still too scared to go out there.

Can you stoke the flames for me? Take the path east and follow it to Gorg's camp, tending to the flames along the way. "

Babbina would like you to throw coals on the braziers along the path, leading up to Gorg's camp.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 5 
  • Stoke the first brazier
  • Stoke the second brazier
  • Stoke the third brazier
  • Stoke the fourth brazier
  • Stoke the fifth brazier
  • Stoke the sixth brazier
  • Stoke the seventh brazier
  • Stoke the pair of braziers leading to Gorg's camp
  • Speak to Gorg
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Here's what Gorg says when you talk to him at the end of the quest:

"You know, it's brighter out there already. But I was hoping Babbina would take care of that. She still hasn't overcome her fears, apparently."


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