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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Gorg in Bristlewood.
Gorg says,"Hey! I need your help getting rid of this large spider, Spinnerette. I'm sure she's bad news!

I would go but um... I have laundry to do... yeah... "

Gorg has asked you to deal with the large spider named Spinnerette. She can be found in southern Bristlewood.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 15 
  1. Find Spinnerette
  2. Return to Gorg
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When you reach the huge spider, she wants to talk instead of fight.

Spinnerette: "Come to best me in combat have you? I assure you, Pixie(or Human), I mean no harm to you or the guards of Briarwood. I have lived for thousands of years in peace and my time in this world will soon come to an end.

I wish to be left alone to retire to my eternal rest. Please, return to whoever told you to slay me and tell them that the job is done. If you do so, I would be in your debt."

Incidentally, you cannot choose to fight her, even if you want to.

Gorg is obviously relieved when you return: "Have you gotten rid of the spider problem? Yes? Well, good! Hopefully my soldiers will be safer when patrolling the Briarwood.

Completing this quest opens up two quests from Spinnerette: Untamed Spirit and Corrupted Spiders.

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