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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Drake Sullenfangs in Blackspore Swamp.
Drake Sullenfangs says,"So, I've been telling our leader what a great help you've been. Why, you're practically family now!

He would really like to meet you. Ed Sullenfangs is right in front of that big mausoleum.

Why don't you two chat it up while I suck the juices out of this bogwart here? "

Help the vampires sabotage the werewolves' dance practice!

  • Speak to Ed Sullenfangs
  • Sabotage the werewolves' dance practice!
  • Return to Ed
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Closing Comments

Ed Sullenfangs says, "Drake's the newest member of our family, and isn't fully accustomed to our usual feeding habits...ha ha ha. Now, he says you're very resourceful. Care to help us out one more time? The werewolves are practicing for our big dance-off event. Go sabotage their dance practice!"

Ed Sullenfangs says, "Now that the last bit of business is settled, it's time for you to join us for the main event!"


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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2010, and available in-game during the Super Spooktacular celebration. For 2013, Spooktacular begins on October 1st.

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