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To Start: Speak to Michi in Snowhill.
Michi says,"Patterwings and I were translating secrets from the tome when ice trolls stampeded in and stole his medicine!

I need to stay here and watch over him. Please, get his medicine back! "

Michi was ambushed by ice trolls while speaking with her friend, Patterwings. Head into the Howling Hills to retrieve the stolen medicine.
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Ninja job.

As a Ninja, head into the Howling Hills near Snowhill and retrieve the stolen medicine.
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Patterwings' Medicine
Patterwings' Medicine
The medicine is found in the same valley as Snognosh, near one of the first huts you reach after entering it.

Ninja: The Masterless Ninja Ninja
Quest Series
Ninja: Achieve Level 20
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