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To Start: Speak to Barton in Sanctuary.
Barton says,"I'm the most famous film director in Sacred Grove. Sanctuary would be the perfect setting for my next movie!

Will you scout some locations around Sanctuary for me?

Action! "

Scout locations in Sanctuary for Barton's new movie.
Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 61 
  • Scout near the Great Tree
  • Scout near Memorial Gardens
  • Scout near Honey's Fields
  • Scout near Jacque's Cafe
  • Scout near the Town Hall
  • Return to Barton in Pixiewood
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Movie Magic Locations
  1. Barton stands on the east side of the road in Pixiwood hills. ( Approximately where the "s" in the word Pixiwood Hills is on the map.)
  2. The The Great Tree can be found by heading to the Royal Palace, marked on the map.
  3. The Memorial Gardens are north of the Royal Palace.
  4. Honey is located in Queensfileds, south-east of Sanctuary.
  5. Jacque's Cafe is east of Barton in Pixiwood Hills.
  6. The Town Hall is marked on the map, north of Barton.

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