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To Start: Speak to Sorin in Singing Crystal Mines.
Sorin says,"Shimmer Shinyaxe in Dartmoor is helping me to amass a hoard of gems. I want you to take him samples of turquoise and malachite.

The turquoise you already have, but you'll need to stop to mine some malachite from a rich copper vein on your way to Dartmoor. "

Sorin wants you to take some of the turquoise you found to Shimmer Shinyaxe at the Dartmoor Mining Camp, and find some malachite from a rich copper vein along the way.

Dartmoor is located southwest of Snowhill.

This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Miner job.

  • Coins 30 Stars 500 
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Miner: Reach Level 5 Miner
Quest Series
Miner: Simple Surveying
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