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To Start: Speak to Clover in Sanctuary.
Clover says,"The changeling Darvon sent some of his servants to steal all of our shock paddles!

If Darvon is using them in his experiments that could be very dangerous!

Head into Darvon's Descent and bring back our missing paddles! "

Some changelings have made off with the boxes of shock paddles stored in the hospital. In the hands of untrained personnel, those paddles can be dangerous, and the rumor is that Darvon is using them in his experiments.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Medic job.

Head into Darvon's Descent and find the missing shock paddles!
  • As a medic, collect boxes of stolen shock paddles - 0/5
  • Return to Clover
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Darvon's Descent is very difficult at level 15. We highly recommend doing this dungeon with a group, or expect to take a lot of time to get through it!

Three of the shock paddle boxes were found down the eastern path, which ultimately leads to Darvon himself. The last box down that way is right before Darvon.

The other two boxes are presumed to be down the western path, though we only found one before hitting max knockout limit. None of the boxes are marked on the mini-map!

If you want to do this dungeon solo but are having difficulty reaching the boxes, a quick way to get all five without much effort is:

Shock Paddles
Shock Paddles
    • Kill the two changelings right after loading in
    • Turn left, take the small dead-end path to the left before the hill with the boulder
    • Kill the three changelings there (usually only get 1-2 at a time)
    • There is a box right behind them!
    • Exit the dungeon, rinse and repeat

Medic: The Missing Patrol Medic
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Medic: Omitted Admission
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