fr quest:Looking for Trouble  

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To Start: Speak to Uncle Irving in Farnum's Farm.
Uncle Irving says,"A number of people at the farm have reported some shady looking chugawugs snooping around.

You think you could figure out what's going on? "

Uncle Irving has asked you to investigate some reports of some shady chugawugs that have been seen snooping around the farmstead.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 24 
  • Find someone in the area that might know more
  • Find a shady chugawug
  • Find a shady chugawug
  • Find a shady chugawug
  • Return to Uncle Irving in Farnum Farmstead
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Follow the green quest arrow to speak to Wompugg, who says, "Are you here about my chugawugs? Oh, awkward. No need for any trouble, friend. We can solve that problem right quick. Find my chugs and send them back to me, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."

  • One shady chugawug is by the sheep pen, who says, "Hello. Gotta run!"
  • One shady chugawug is by the tower defense tables east of the sheep pen, who says' "Oh, hello. Just passing through. See ya!"
  • One shady chugawug is southeast of the sheep pen, by the trees, who says, "What am I doing here? Oh, nothing. Bye now!"

When you return, Uncle Irving says, "We better keep a close eye on this. I get the feeling there's more going on... I'll fill in Henry, but do me a favor and tell Hartley Harrison. He's in charge of handling our wool shipments."

Peep's Missing Bowl Farnum's Farm
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Woolen Woes
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