fr quest:Intentions Misunderstood  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Wernald in Seaside.
Wernald says,"Oops, that probably came out harsher than I meant it to. You see, I just fertilized my lawn. That stuff is poisonous and you know how kids like licking the bottoms of their shoes these days.

Can you find those young hooligans and tell them I mean them no harm? They'd probably run away if I tried... "

Find the kids Wernald scared off his lawn in Seaside, and make sure they understand he was just looking out for their safety.
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  • Coins 9 SC Heart T-Shirt (green) 
  • Find the first kid Wernald scared off
  • Find the second kid Wernald scared off
  • Find the third kid Wernald scared off
  • Find the fourth kid Wernald scared off
  • Return to Wernald
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To start this quest, find the mansion in Seaside with the soccer ball in front of it. The house is just to the west of Sundancer. At a certain time of day (midday perhaps), four kids appear on the path next to the house. Wait until they finish their conversation. They will run into the yard and then Wernald will come out of the house and chase them away by.

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