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To Start: Speak to Lord William IV in Blackspore Swamp.
Lord William IV says,"The oldest tomb in Blackspore houses the Pumpkin Prince, a wicked undead soul.

His tomb has been shaking for days, and I think he's trying to enter the world of the living!

Only the spectral guardians know how to keep him sealed away.

Seek them out near the warpstones across Sacred Grove, and enlist their help. "

Lord William is fearful that the Prince of the Underworld is trying to enter Sacred Grove. He needs you to seek out spectral guardians. They are the only ones who can keep this menace sealed in his grave.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Find the spectral guardians near the warpstones in the following locations:
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The spectral guardians are very close to their respective warpstones. Their appearance varies depending on the place that you visit.

Closing Comments

Each Spectral Guardian says the same thing: "Why have you disturbed me? This could only mean one thing. The Pumpkin Prince is plotting his return to the world of the living. Take this signet, for I cannot leave my resting place here."

Lord William IV says, "Do you have all the signets? Perfect. Your heroics will be remembered by ghosts everywhere!"

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