fr quest:First Day Jitters  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Karmen Cloudwisk in Shrouded Glade.
Karmen Cloudwisk says,"It's the first day of school and I don't know anyone! Do you know how embarassing it will be if I have to sit alone at lunch?

Maybe you could help me find a friend. Someone who loves to wear the color pink as much as I do would be perfect! "

Karmen is going to class at the Druid Academy for the first time and is very nervous. Perhaps if you could help her find a friend somewhere in Shrouded Glade, her nerves will be put at ease.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 15 
Find a friend for Karmen in Shrouded Glade.
  • Find a friend for Karmen
  • Return to Karmen
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The friend for Karmen is Kari; however, you cannot get the update to this quest if you have not yet completed Kari's quest, A Friend in Need.

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