fr quest:Extending an Invite  

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To Start: Speak to Old Gregory in Wilds North.
Old Gregory says,"How can Lorna refuse a visit to my serene camp if I have her favorite game here for her to play?

Brilliant! Now hurry up and go fetch Lorna. I'm an impatient old man! "

Lorna may not want to come listen to Old Gregory's rambling, but there's no way she could refuse a good chess match! Go find Lorna and invite her over to Old Gregory's camp to play a game or two.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 30 
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You can only use the well during this quest series, whenever you are required to see Lorna in the Memorial Caverns.

At the culmination of the series, there is a table at Old Gregory's camp that you can now play Chess and Checkers on! However, you cannot enter the lobbies for these games at this particular table, nor does it display on your atlas.

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