fr quest:Dem Bones  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Skelly in Pixiewood Hills.
Skelly says,"Do you know that there are a total of 204 bones in the pixie body? This costume only has 196!

No one's going to believe I'm a *real* skeleton.

I bet there are plenty of bones just lying around in Blackspore. There's a sweet reward if you can bring me some! "

Skelly thinks his skeleton costume is completely inaccurate! He needs at least a few more bones to make it look believable. Collecting them from graves in Blackspore should be a breeze!
This is a Search quest. This quest is repeatable.

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  • This quest is repeatable once a day.

Closing Comments

Skelly says, "Awesome! These bones are going to make my skeleton costume the best ever!"

Bone Pile
Bone Pile


  • If you have searched the graveyard and can't find all 8 that you need, try switching servers. The bone piles will re-spawn if given enough time, however.
    • Just north of the cemetery entrance, behind a headstone
    • Just south of the cemetery entrance, next to the mausoleum
    • Next to Burke
    • In the werewolf camp, by the fire
    • East of the werewolf camp, near the path that leads to the single, huge gravestone
    • South of the Bone Bog Cemetery hill, near a mausoleum
    • On the path leading to the vampire camp
    • Next to Drake Sullenfangs
    • On the west side of the vampire's mausoleum
    • Near the Blackspore treasure chest
    • East of Drake Sullenfangs, near the swampy area
    • At the water's edge, in front of the sunken mausoleum
    • At the base of the hill at the eastern end of the cemetery

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