fr quest:Day 4: Cookie! Nom Nom!  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Trina Turtledove in Snowhill.
Trina Turtledove says,"Cookies may be sometimes food, but if you can't have a little extra fun during Snow Days, when can you?

Try out each of the different Snow Days cookies and find out which is your favourite! "

Trina Turtledove of Snowhill wants you to enjoy the season by eating one of each of the Snow Days cookies.

  • 12 Days Bow - Day 4
  • 12 Days Present - Day 4
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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2012, and available in-game during the Snow Days celebration.
This year, Snow Days is set to run from December 3, 2013 to January 13, 2014.

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