fr quest:Chilly the Angry Snowman  

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To Start: Speak to Jimmy Squarefeet in Snowhill.
Jimmy Squarefeet says,"Those yeti are up to no good! They've captured my friend Chilly the Angry Snowman again! I'm a show magician. I know nothing about fighting.

Will you help me rescue Chilly the Snowman so I can practice my show? "

Chilly the snowman has been trapped by the Yetis! Head into Snowy Canyon and find Chilly!
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. Membership is required to begin this quest.

Free Chilly the Snowman from the yeti in Snowy Canyon.
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Chilly is trapped behind a bonfire! You have to grab the bucket in the first cave at the top of the hill, there is a Yeti Pounder and two regular Yeti in the cave. Take the path east and up from the cave. A Yeti will be fighting an Ice Troll at the end. Defeat them, click on the fire to douse it, and celebrate, you've saved Chilly!

caption=Bucket and Chilly Location

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