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Card Duelist
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To Start: Speak to Madam Zelda in Blackspore Swamp.
Madam Zelda says,"Magetech, Crackshot, Wildclaw, and Ghostshadow left for a sightseeing trip to Sunstone Valley and I haven't heard from them since!

Seek out Rumble King Don in Sunstone near the Rumbledome and see if he's heard from them. "

Help Madam Zelda search for the missing Realmkeepers in Sunstone Valley.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 50 
  • Talk to Rumble King Don
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Rumble King Don says, "I manage the fights that take place here at the Rumbledome, so I meet most of the celebrities and adventuring types that come through Sunstone.

That's why they call me the Rumble King!"

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