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To Start: Speak to Esther in Briarwood.
Esther says,"Wow, the blue and gold shards seem to fit together! Hmm, this reminds me of something Edwin said before. What was it...?

Ah, I think best when my hands are busy, so humor me. Let's play a card game while I try to remember what he said to me. "

Play a game of cards with Esther in Briarwood.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 50 Stars 100 
  • Beat Esther's deck
  • Speak to Esther
  • Speak to Edwin Goldstory
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This quest is only available if you have purchased the Shattered Past - Quest Pack 2 or the Shattered Past Quest Bundle from the SC Marketplace and completed the quests from Shattered Past - Quest Pack 1.

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