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To Start: Speak to Madam Zelda in Blackspore Swamp.
Madam Zelda says,"I've heard of the legend of The First Deck, the most powerful Cardie deck of all.

You must find Freddy Slowhands in Merry Vale. See if he knows where Darkcheat is hiding. Show no mercy! We must find the Baron before he masters The First Deck! "

Madam Zelda in Blackspore needs your to face another one of the Baron's lackeys.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 2500 
  • Find Freddy Slowhands in Merry Vale
  • Beat Freddy's Resource Deck
  • Beat Freddy's Trick Deck
  • Beat Freddy's Creature Deck
  • Beat Freddy's Tournament Deck
  • Return to Madam Zelda
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Freddy Slowhands says, "Why dontcha just slow down a little, buddy? There ain't no need ta be rushin' around all the time. You 'n' me oughta bust out some cards and play us some games! Try my Resource Deck!"

Slowhands' First Round Battle slowhands and his Resource deck. Be the first to score 12 points to win the match and a Robgolin Moblie Home Chaos Resource card from his deck.

Freddy Slowhands says, "Sure, ya beat me that time. That ain't gonna matter none, since the Boss is gonna be the King of Sacred Grove! You can't beat my Trick Deck!"

Slowhands' Second Round

Freddy Slowhands says, "Now I'm wondering' if ya got some o' them Cards of Power in your deck, just like the Boss has. I'll try my Creature Deck this time!

Slowhands' Third Round

Freddy Slowhands says, "Alright, I got one more deck, and there's no way you're gonna beat this one. Here's my Tournament Deck! I'll start with an Armored Robgoblin in play!

Slowhands' Fourth Round

Freddy Slowhands says, "I guess my hands are just too slow to beat ya, I'll answer all your questions. The Boss hired some fat Chugawug muscle named Bud Grimyfoot to keep him safe while he masters The First Deck."

After you beat Freddy Slowhands, Madam Zelda says, "You beat Freddy and he talked? Great!

He mentioned Cards of Power ... I suspected that Darkcheat was building The First Deck with them. Luckily we're one step closer to finding him, now that we know the name of his guard!"

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