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To Start: Speak to Madam Zelda in Blackspore Swamp.
Madam Zelda says,"My Crystal Ball showed me a future with Baron von Darkcheat as the King of Scred Grove!

I gathered the Realmkeepers to stop him, but they need more training. While they train we should track down his old associate, Clancy Blackheart in Bristlewood. "

Madam Zelda in Blackspore Swamp needs your help to save Sacred Grove from Baron von Darkcheat!
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 2500 
  • Find Clancy Blackheart in Bristlewood (Clancy Blackheart is an underling of Baron von Darkcheat. Find out what he knows!)
  • Beat Clancy's Resource Deck
  • Beat Clancy's Trick Deck
  • Beat Clancy's Creature Deck
  • Beat Clancy's Tournament Deck
  • Confront Clancy Blackheart
  • Return to Madam Zelda (Return to Madam Zelda in Blackspore and tell her what you found out form Clancy Blackheart.)
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At the start of this questline, you visit Madam Zelda, and the four realmskeeper NPCs surround her. You can talk to each of them. Magetech says, "In her Crystal Ball, Madam Zelda saw four heroes defeat Baron von Darkcheat... that can be us if we train really hard!" Crackshot says, "Madam Zelda trusted us with Cards of Power, and now we have to train every day and nie strong enough to face Baron von Darkcheat!" Wildclaw says, "We'll train to defeat Baron von Darkcheat while you find out where he is. talk to Madam Zelda, she has a few leads." Ghostshadow says, "The Cards of Power in our Cardie decks give us an edge. I've go to get the team in shape so we can fight Baron von Darkcheat!"

Clancy Blackheart says, "So what if I do know Baron von Darkcheat? That doesn't mean I have to tell you anything. What I will do is beat you with my Resource Deck!"

Blackheart's First Round

Clancy Blackheart says, "Ouch! That didn't take very long. I'm still not talking! Let's play again! I'll use my Trick Deck."

Blackheart's Second Round

Clancy Blackheart says, "You're better than I thought! You just got lucky. Now you'll have to face my Creature Deck! I'll never tell you about Freddy Slowhands!"

Blackheart's Third Round

Clancy Blackheart says, "I'm still not tell you a thing, not even if you beat my Tournament Deck! I won't even tell you that the Baron has completed The First Deck!"

Blackheart's Fourth Round

Clancy Blackheart says, "I guess you are a better Cardie than me. I remember working with Freddy Slowhands when the Baron completed The First Deck... hey, I'm not supposed to tell you that! Leave me alone!"

Madam Zelda says, "Good job defeating Blackheart!

So he let slip that the Baron was working with Freddy Slowhands to construct The First Deck. That is indeed troubling news."

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