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To Start: Speak to Private Gorglemain in Thistlerow.
Private Gorglemain says,"My stupid mirror lies about how fat I am!

I broke the silly thing and threw the pieces into the Snarling Hedges, but now I'm cursed with bad luck!

Can you help me gather the shattered pieces? "

Private Gorglemain broke her mirror and threw the pieces into the Snarling Hedges, and has been suffering bad luck ever since! Recover the pieces so she can turn her luck around.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 24 
  • Find the first broken piece!
  • Find the second broken piece!
  • Find the third broken piece!
  • Find the fourth broken piece!
  • Return to Private Gorglemain
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Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror
The broken mirror pieces are scattered about the dungeon.

The first two are encountered in the original hedge maze that you zone into (both on the eastern branch, one is actually just outside where the maze ends on that side).

The third piece is across the rope bridge, where the Hedge Knights for the bonus goal are located.

The final piece is in the second hedge maze, shortly before the boss mob of the dungeon.

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