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To Start: Speak to Gerold in Wilds North.
Gerold says,"Frostfang wolves are dangerous! They've wandered too far from their lair, and I need to push them back.

Will you help me by defeating a few Frostfang Growlers? "

The local Frostfang population has been growing bolder, and many can now be found amongst the fields south of Snowhill. This could become very dangerous if someone doesn't do something to stop them!
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

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Closing Comments

Gerold says, "Nice job! Thanks to you, the Growlers won't be as likely to wander down here again."

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TpyoWe know there's an error in the quest details, but it's accurate to the in-game text. When they fix it, then so will we.

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