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To Start: Speak to Smitty in Snowhill.
Smitty says,"Interested in blacksmithing? You'll need gems and smelted bars. They can be mined, smelted and traded by miners.

If you'd like to mine for yourself, speak to Therin in the Singing Crystal Mines.

Return with copper bars and turquoise any way you'd like and I'll teach you the basics. "

Smitty wants you to obtain Copper Bars. You can smelt them yourself, or buy them from another Miner.
This is a Minigame quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Blacksmith job.

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You can play the Copper Bar minigame as a miner to get the 10 copper bars.


  • Obtain 10 Copper Bars
    Copper bars can be obtained through mining or trading with other people who can mine.
    After obtaining the 10 requested copper bars, show them to Smitty.
    Smitty says, "Do you have the 10 smelted Copper Bars yet?"
    Smitty says, "Awesome, you're ready for the basics!

    Hold onto those copper bars and turquoise gems. You'll need them."

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Blacksmith: Smithy Merchandise
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