fr quest:Birthday Invitation  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Flitter in Sanctuary.
Flitter says,"Hey, *Player Name*. I'm here to make sure everyone gets their party invitations. Invite anyone and everyone!

Why don't you grab some invitations and get started? I bet you can't get more invitations thrown at you than I can. "

Flitter, a local postman, has started a competition with you. She wants to see if you can receive more birthday party invitations than her. Let the games begin!
This is an Errand quest. This quest is repeatable.

  • Receive birthday party invitations - 0/10
  • Return to Flitter
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This quest is repeatable once per day during the event.

Click the box next to Flitter to get your own stack of birthday invitations. You will need to be hit by 10 invitations from other players to get the update to this quest.

Closing Dialogue

Flitter says, "Well, well! You won. That just means that there will be even more people at the big party! YAY! Come back tomorrow and we'll do this again. It's always a pleasure, *Player Name*."

Birthday Bash
Quest Series

This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2010, and available in-game during the Birthday Bash celebration.
In 2013, the Free Realms Birthday Bash is expected with the March 28 game update.

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