fr quest:Beautiful Butterflies  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ginger in Lakeshore.
Ginger says,"Hello. Don't you just love my beautiful butterflies? I just wish I had more of their favorite nectar to feed them.

The only person who sells it is Peacepetal in the Pixie Nursery. Think you could go get me some? "

Get some nectar from the Pixie Nursery for Ginger's butterflies.
This is an Errand quest.

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When you talk to him, Peacepetal says, "So Ginger needs some more of my famous nectar? Sure, that will be no problem. Here you go!"

Upon your return, Ginger says, "Yep, this is the nectar! My butterflies will be so happy. Thank you!"

The Xerces Blue Butterfly is an item for the Magnificent Butterflies collection.

Ginger is southwest of Lakeshore, inside a cubby in the mountains.

The Pixie Nursery is southwest of the Wugachug Warpstone, across the wooden bridges, or east-northeast of the Seaside Warpstone.

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