fr quest:At the End of the Rainbow  

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To Start: Speak to Wugunbump in Merry Vale.
Wugunbump says,"I think it is time you ventured into the Den of Secrets and see exactly what is going on in there.

Be ready for anything, _______. "

This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  1. Defeat Shamblers - 0/15
  2. Defeat the evil fairies!
  3. Destroy the prism
  4. Speak with Wugunbump
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The item reward, Kings Key, is used in the Sacred Keys collection.


You must run Den of Secrets twice. Defeat 15 Shamblers to unlock the next 3 goals. Now you will need to get all the way to the fountain and defeat Liana. This done, exit and reenter the Den. The second pass through, Yuriah will be in the room to the left of the entrance, and Mayor McFairy will be in the first large chamber you come to on the right-hand path. They were not there the first time, so you will have to do the Dungeon twice.

Finally, the second time you reach the fountain room, and after you defeat Liana again, you can destroy the prism (Liana's Crystal) and end the evil.

Note: It has since been confirmed that you are able to do this quest with only one run through the Den of Secrets. Simply backtrack to the first two NPCs after you kill the fifteen shamblers, then proceed on with the remainder of the dungeon.

Where is Lugunwump? Merry Vale
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