fr quest:A Test of Power  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Adrian Treebreeze in Shrouded Gloam.
Adrian Treebreeze says,"I can feel the power surging through me once again, *Character Name*.

Speak with Druids of the Viper and Druids of the Branch around the camp to test their powers. "

The druids have regained some of their power, but we need to make sure they are ready to confront the Gloam.

Return to the Branchlord if you lose your Power Stone.

This is a Combat quest.

  • Speak with the first Druid
  • Speak with the second Druid
  • Speak with the Branchlord
  • Cleanse the first Gloamstone
  • Defeat the Gloam Clone
  • Cleanse the second Gloamstone
  • Defeat the Gloam Clone
  • Cleanse the third Gloamstone
  • Defeat the Gloam Clone
  • Return to the Branchlord
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The Power Stone ability is tied to your #3 key. Press it when you get near the Gloamstone to advance the quest.

Closing Dialogue

  • Druid of the Viper says, "Glorious Day! The Branchlord says we should have our powers back? Let's give it a test!"
  • Druid of the Branch says, "I can feel the power surging inside of me! Are you ready for this *Character Name*"
  • Adrian Treebreeze says, Alas, from your report, our powers haven't fully returned... Though I have one more idea. There are Gloamstones around the area that seem to be a concentrated force of Gloam. Use the Power Stone once more and try to purge the evil from the stones."
  • After collecting the energy, Adrian Treebreeze says, "The Power Stone failed to cleanse the stone properly, but by defeating the concentrated energy of the Gloamstones, you were able to destroy them. This is exactly what we need to destroy the giant Gloamstones! Get ready for the fight of your life *Character Name*."

That Tingling Feeling Shrouded Glade Invasion
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Purifying the Darkness
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