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To Start: Speak to Talespinner Yvelle in Merry Vale.
Talespinner Yvelle says,"The tale of the heart flower was found in the diary of a pixie named Arianna. A few pages have gone missing, I'm afraid.

Those heartbreaker changelings tore through my storybooks, ripping pages out before running back to their camp.

If you want to read the diary, you'll need to recover the missing pages first. "

Yvelle has promised to let you read the tale of the heart flower if you can recover the missing diary pages from the heartbreaker changelings.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Find the Heartbreakers' camp
  • Recover diary pages - 0/6
  • Return to Talespinner Yvelle
  • Read the diary
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The Heartbreakers battle begins in the northwest part of Merry Vale, with the Changeling Heartbreaker.

The diary will be on the table right next to Talespinner Yvelle, once she puts the pages in order.

Closing Comments

  • Talespinner Yvelle says, "You found all the pages! Let me just put them in order for you..."
  • Diary text: This diary belongs to Arianna. KEEP OUT!
  • DAY 1
    • Omigosh! I just met the cutest boy ever while in Merry Vale. We planted a flower together. He promised to meet me again tomorrow. I'm so excited! ~Arianna
  • DAY 7
    • Rylan Ells is the sweetest boy ever! We've met at our flower every day. I think it grows bigger every time we meet! Does that sound weird?? I heart Rylan Ells! ~Arianna
  • DAY 13
    • Argh! Unlucky 13! The air seems filled with dark magic today. My parents won't let me leave the house. Rylan promised me that once it was safe, we'd meet again at our flower - no matter what!! xoxo ~Arianna
  • I don't know what day it is... It's been longer than I can remember, but I haven't forgotten my promise to Rylan. First thing tomorrow I am going to run to our flower! Can't wait to see him! ~Arianna
  • I waited for hours. Rylan didn't show. How could he do this to me? He promised! I think I'll just take a nap under the tree east of the rainbow. At least then, I can dream about Rylan. Heartbroken and so tired, ~Arianna
  • Talespinner Yvelle says, "How interesting! It seems the red petals bloom out of the love Arianna and Rylan shared. But I wonder where the black petals are coming from?"

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