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To Start: Speak to Throck Shallowshale in Wilds Central.
Throck Shallowshale says,"Hey, you're back. I managed to fill up that big bag you brought me with more ore. Think ya could take it to Therin in Snowhill? He is in the Singing Crystal Mines. If ya be interested, he can teach ya a thing or two about mining."
Throck has already filled up the big bag of holding with more ore and has asked you to take the bag to Therin in Snowhill at the Singing Crystal Mines. While you are there, Therin can also teach you about mining if you are interested.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 61 
  • Deliver the full bag of ore to Therin
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Throck Shallowshale is found in the pass leading into Briarwood from the Wilds.

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