fr quest:A Plea for Peace and Quiet  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Lorna in Memorial Caverns.
Lorna says,"I come to this quiet spot to whittle chess pieces, but lately I've been bothered by constant rambling from above!

I've kept my fingers crossed, hoping they will quiet down. It hasn't helped.

Will you head up there and tell whomever it is to stop their blabbering? "

Lorna is sick of all the mysterious chatter! Break the news to Old Gregory that his magical, talking well is nothing more than an angry lady in the Memorial Caverns, and ask him to keep it down.

Coins 30 
Let Old Gregory know his "talking well" is really a frustrated chess player named Lorna.
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Unfortuneately, you can't seem to go back up the well from Memorial Caverns. The quickest way back to Old Gregory would be by traveling to the Highroad Junction Warpstone and heading east-northeast, or to the Shrouded Glade Warpstone and heading southwest once you exit the tunnel into the Wilds.

Jump in the Well Wilds
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