fr quest:A Hound Ate My Homework!  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Sera Bella in Shrouded Glade.
Sera Bella says,"This cannot be happening to me! I was off in the forests to the east, collecting samples for a science project when I was attacked by some sinister hounds.

I managed to get away, but those hideous beasts ate my homework.

Oh, Tilda will never believe me! You have to go get my homework back, please! "

Sera was attacked by some hounds while collecting samples for a science project. She escaped, but the hounds ate her homework. She has asked you to venture into the Vale of the Ancients and retrieve her homework.
This is a Combat quest.

  • Coins 24 
Retrieve Bella's homework from hounds within the Vale of the Ancients in Briarwood.
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When you return, Sera Bella says, "Thank you so much. I think I can clean up these pages and turn them in now."

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