fr quest:Feel Better Flowers  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Edvard Leafsnipper in Shrouded Glade.
Edvard Leafsnipper says,"I'm not supposed to mention Arch Druid Camellia, but since I let it slip, maybe you could do me a favor.

She's been weak for quite some time now. I've been growing a rare flower to cheer her up. It's just about to bloom.

Could you take it to our druid Elder, Ceard Bauchlog? Maybe he will see that she gets it. "

Edvard Leafsnipper has grown a rare flower in hopes that it will cheer up the weakened Arch Druid. Deliver it to Ceard Bauchlog for him.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 2 
Deliver the rare flower to Elder Ceard Bauchlog in Shrouded Glade.
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Growing Green Shrouded Glade
Quest Series
Hidden in Mugwort's Hollow
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