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To Start: Speak to Phyll Chlorowing in Shrouded Glade.
Phyll Chlorowing says,"Okay, it should be ready now. See how quick it was?

Head back to where you planted the sample and see if a flower grew. if it's blue we are safe. If it is red... well... you'd better go check on Jack. "

Phyll wants you to see what kind of flower grew from the seed you planted. Let's hope it's blue and Jack is safe!
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  • Coins 2 
  1. See if a flower grew
  2. Check on Jack
  3. Return to Phyll Chlorowing
  4. Gather a purilla plant
  5. Feed the purilla to Jack
  6. Speak with Halle
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purilla plant
purilla plant
Go to the warpstone and cross the footbridge to its east, then turn left and follow the water.

What the Cat Dragged In Shrouded Glade
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