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The Town of Cobblestone Village
Cobblestone Village
Sacred Grove / Wilds South / Cobblestone Village

South of Sanctuary

Situated on the main road between Lavender Coast, Sanctuary, and Blackspore Swamp, Cobblestone Village is a welcome dose of quaint civilization, and one of the first villages travelers to Sacred Grove come to. Little more than a handful of buildings, its welcoming atmosphere makes it a nice place to stop and rest.

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The name of this town used to be Crossroads but was changed to Cobblestone Village in March of 2013.

The first place new players arrive after the tutorial area, Cobblestone Village is the official welcome into the wider world of Sacred Grove. Samantha will be happy to greet you and show you around.

South of the village, travelers can find Farnum's Farm and Wildwood Speedway. Sanctuary is up the north road, Blackspore Swamp is to the east, and the west road heads into Greenwood Forest.

Local Places

The Cobblestone Village Warpstone will give you one of your very first collection items and start off your Adventurer job with some immediate experience.

  • The Crossroads Cafe
Run by the Pixie chef Simone, aspiring chefs can come here to learn the trade.

Once upon a time, the great Carlos Brazenfist ruled here as champion. Now, however, he's been replaced by Mongo, a troll brought in by the Robgoblin emcee, Kibler. Carlos isn't very happy about this upset, and will train any young brawlers looking to beat Mongo.


While Cobblestone Village does not have a rare exploration collection, it does have a small three item exploration collection which you can complete simply by visiting all the buildings in town.

Local Quests

Samantha will introduce players to the town with the following quests:

Ricky Danger needs a little help with his kart. After helping him, he'll send you back to Samantha.

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