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Sacred Glade
Sacred Glade
Sacred Grove / Sacred Glade

The tutorial area.

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Free Realms

Sacred Glade no longer exists in the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

Beginner Tutorial

Entering the game

Sacred Glade is where new adventurers are first introduced into the world of Free Realms. After you have run through Sacred Glade at least once, you can then skip the tutorial for each subsequent character created.

360 degree view
Michael Tallstrider
Upon entering the game you will experience a brief 360 degree view around your character.

An NPC (Non-Player Character), Michael Tallstrider, frantically runs up to you. He's glad you made it through the warpstone before it was destroyed by the robgoblins. He needs your help chasing the creatures off. Click the gray Goodbye button to continue.

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Camera and Movement

Camera movement
Character movement
To move the camera in game, hold down the right mouse button and drag your mouse in the direction you want to look.

Move your character by either:

1. Left click on the ground.
2. Hold down both mouse buttons
3. Use the W,A,S, & D keys
4. Use the arrow keys

NPCs and Quests

Quest giver
Quest helper
Moving down the path, you'll see Michael stop and you will learn about NPCs and receiving quests.
  • NPCs (non player characters) who have quests for you are designated with a green (!) above their heads.
  • If an NPC is part of a quest (as an objective) you will see a green (?) above their head.
  • If an NPC has a quest that you are too low to receive, a gray (!) will be above their head.

The quest helper (journal or log) gives you the steps to complete your quests, and updates with each objective completion.

  • Non members can only hold 10 quests before it is full.
  • Pressing the gray button of an arrow pointing to a dot will minimize the helper.
  • Moving your cursor towards the quest name in the helper will make arrows appear, allowing you to scroll through the quests you have.

Wilbur's Trouble quest
Scare robgoblins

Click on Michael and learn that the robgoblins chased a pig from Farmer Chug's pen. Click on the green "Yes, I accept!" button to receive the Tutorial: Wilbur's Trouble quest.

Continue down the path towards the pig Wilbur who has a light shining on him. He is surrounded by robgoblins and you need to chase off the robgoblins.

Question Mark
Finishing objective

After you rescue Wilbur he will show you love and act like a pet. Michael Tallstrider will have a green circled question mark above his head. Click him to continue!

Michael asks you to take Wilbur the pig back to Farmer Chug further down the path.

Congratulations! Your Adventurer job is now unlocked!

First job

Your Mini-map

Mini map
Moving towards Farmer Chug brings you to another tutorial, this time about your mini-map. Your mini-map is where you find many useful ways to display what you need in order to quest in Free Realms. The following numbers coincide with the numbers on the image.
  1. Maximizes the Atlas (map)
  2. Turns on/off the quest path. (little green glowing dots showing you the way)
  3. Turns on/off the direction indicator buttons, also known as "arrows."
  4. The Configuration button allows you to decide what dots on your mini map you want to be visible, and if you want to have pointers for those particular dots as well. There is a maximum of 5 arrows on your screen at any given time.
  5. Atlas zoom in and out buttons.
  6. The blinking lime green dot is your current goal, however, not all goals will be marked.

Dots and arrows

The colors of the mini map dots are as follows:

  • Aqua Blue - Shops
  • Lime Green - Quests
  • Red - Combat
  • Gold - Group members
  • Orange - Friends
  • Pink - Minigames
  • Purple - Trainers


Harvest minigame
Cooking minigame
Speak to Farmer Chug and complete the quest that he gives you. One will take you to Ashley Lightwings and she needs your help to get rid of robgoblins that are ruining her birthday party. She gives you the choice to cook her strength enhancing food, or to learn to fight so you can you can run them off yourself. You do not have to do both but you must complete at least one to unlock the quest to leave.

If you decide to cook a stew to give to Ashley so that she can grow to be big and strong, you will need to become a chef. Being a chef does not just include cooking, but Harvesting as well.

See our Minigames page for more information.


1 button to attack
2 button to sweep
Or you can learn to fight by becoming a brawler and kick those robgoblins out of Ashley's party!

While in a combat encounter or instance, you can move exactly as if in the open world. But there are a few more commands to know.

  • Left clicking on a target selects it as well as makes your character run up and attack it.
  • Pressing TAB targets the nearest enemy.
  • The numbers, 1 for attack and 2-5 for Abilities, can also be clicked or pressed on the keyboard. At this time the numpad does not work for these.
  • The numbers 6-9 are used for items in your Item Belt. So far you need to click on them to use and pressing the number does not work.
  • You can both walk over or click on gold and items left on the ground.

Radial Menu

Radial menu
Talk to Ashley one more time to learn about radial menus. Here you can choose the another job quest, the quest to be teleported to the mainland, buy and sell goods, or play a game like Checkers or Chess. Rumor has it, more board games will be added in the future!

Make sure you are finished here as you cannot come back!

Entering the Game

Welcome to Free Realms!
Ashley sends to you the main Free Realms world now in one of three areas: Crossroads, Highroad Junction, or Stillwater Crossing to meet one of her friends. Once you arrive at your destination, a new "Welcome to Free Realms!" window will greet you. Look it over and press the X at the bottom to close it.

Game & UI Settings

User interface

This is your basic UI (user interface) that allows you to interact in the virtual world of Free Realms. Let's go through the areas, going clockwise:

  1. In the upper left corner is your name and portrait, your character's job, level and icon.
  2. In the upper right hand corner is your mini map. See above for a more in depth explanation.
  3. Below the mini map, if your pet is out, is the pet icon and is collapsible/closable.
    • Clicking on the red X will dismiss your pet back into "storage".
Pet interface
    • The gray arrow button in the corner will minimize the pet window.
    • The paw print button will bring up all the tricks you can teach your pet and have them do.
    • Click on the pet portrait will bring up another window with other pet options such as to clean or feed them.
4. Below the mini map is your button for your friends list which is expandable to allow you to see your entire friend's listing, ignore listing, acquaintances and even allows you to teleport to them. (you can do this via the atlas also)
    • Typing in a player's name in the small text area and pressing the + button will allow you to add a friend and the friend must be online for this to work. You can also left click on another player to open up a radial menu. Choose to add them as a friend and if they accept they will be on your list.
    • Acquaintances
Friend interface
    • You can also put names of players that you wish to ignore in the ignore list.
    • Choosing a player name allows you to teleport to them, the green arrow button (kind of like the recycling symbol). Hold down the button to be whisked away!
5. Quest Helper/Journal location, which is also collapsible and has mouseover arrows to allow you to click other quests without opening your journal.

6. At the bottom of the UI is your game dock (toolbar). Here you can choose starting at rightmost, your:

Game dock
    • Inventory
    • Jobs and Equipment
    • Pets
    • The Card Game (TCG)
    • Station Cash (SC)
    • Quests and Collections
    • Item Belt
7. At the bottom left is your Chat bar. See below for more in depth explanation of the settings you have there.

ZAM would like to thank Theresa Truelight for some of the information in this article.

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