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Free Realms
Sacred Grove
Department of Identification
Job: n/a
Race: Pixie
Gender: Female
Sera Bella
Shrouded Glade
She stands by the Eastern rear staircase of the Southern wing of the Druid Academy. Talk to her for an interesting number puzzle! (See text below)

Sera Bella says,
"I have a gift; a way with nubmers you might say! Don't believe me? I'll prove it. Pick a number between 1 and 9, but don't tell me! Got it?"
"Now, multiply that number by 3."
"And then add 5 to your answer..."
"Go ahead and double it."
"Subtract 4."
"Now divide by 6."
"Keeping up? Good! I'll need you to add 3 to your number."
"Next, subtract your original number and give me a moment to concentrate."
"Ah ha!I think I have it. The number you ended up with is 4! Am I right? Who am I kidding; I'm always right!"

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