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Free Realms
Department of Identification
Job: Blacksmith
Race: Pixie
Gender: Male
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Maximus Axegrinder <Worker's Guild Master>
inner Sanctuary, on the southeast island with Doctor Gordon and Nurse Naia

Maximus Axegrinder says, "Creation, player_name! It's what life is all about!

You just haven't lived until you've bent the will of the iron and crafted a tool so powerful that it brings even the Master of the Fighter's Guild to tears (and don't tell her I told you about that)!

You respond, "Go on."

Maximus responds, "Even if you've learned the basics of Cooking, Mining, and Blacksmithing, it would be a good idea to check the nearby board.

The Message Board has information about where to find Job Trainers that can put you on the path to becoming a Master Craftsman!"

Message Board: Worker's Guild

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