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Job: n/a
Race: Pixie
Gender: Male
Hall Monitor Biff
Shrouded Glade
He stands with fellow Hall Monitor Gord at the base of the rear steps of the Northern Wing of the Druid Academy.

Hall Monitor Gord says:
Hall Monitor Biff says:
   Hey! No sleeping on the Job!
Hall Monitor Gord says:
   I'm not sleeping... I'm performing on stage in Snowhill in front of thousands of fans...
Hall Monitor Biff says:
   And the Elders wonder why so many tomes have gone missing...

= = = = = = = = = =

If you try to go up the stairs, the hall monitors will stop you:
Hall Monitor Biff says:
   Halt! Only Elders are allowed entry into our esteemed Athenaeum!
Hallmonitor Gord says:
   What the heck is an Anthen-en-ee-um?
Hall Monitor Biff says:
   It's a library... with a really fancy name.

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