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Free Realms
Department of Identification
Job: Warrior
Race: Human
Gender: Female
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Ellandra Shieldbreaker <Fighter's Guild Master>
inner Sanctuary, on the southwest island with General Glowlight

Ellandra Shieldbreaker says, "Greetings, !

Learning how to be a Brawler is great, but there is so much more to fighting than clubbing things with the biggest hammer you can find!"

You respond, "Like what?"

Ellandra responds, "Check out the board next to me to find the Job Trainers. The can teach you how to be a better Brawler or even how to be a new job like a Medic or Archer.

There are even Advanced Jobs like Ninja, Wizard, and Warrior (like me) that you can earn by being a master Archer, Medic, or Brawler, so keep training!"

Message Board: Fighter's Guild

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