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The Masterless Ninja

Annabelle in Snowhill has asked you to catch her husband and send him home for dinner!

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on Nenjai

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You can view a video, The Masterless Ninja, at YouTube.

The Masterless Ninja
Primary: Win The Game

Secondary: Catch the elusive Nenjai - 0/5

Complete the task in time!

Starting the Game

Annabelle asks you to find her husband. When you accept the quest Ninja: The Masterless Ninja the quest path leads you up the mountains to the west, near where the rare exploration coin is found (near the red flag). Nenjai is initially in front of the three trees on one small summit. Once you click on him it starts the minigame.

He will stay in the general area, but disappear and re-appear every time you catch him. It takes him about 10 seconds to re-appear, so be ready to catch him again quickly or you'll run out of time!

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