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Shrouded Glade Mail Sorting
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Shrouded Glade Mail Sorting center

Sort the mail by creating chains of three or more adjacent tiles of the same kind. Each level has four types of mail that must be sorted before time runs out.

This is a Matching-style minigame.

This is a Mail Sorting minigame, and can be started at any Mailbox .

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Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose
No general purpose prizes.


Shrouded Glade Mail Sorting - Hard
Primary: Complete the first level!

Secondary: Score 65,000 points!

Bonus:  Match a chain of 9 tiles!

Bonus: Complete all the levels!

Elite: Unlock 22 locked tiles!

Shrouded Glade Mailboxes
Start this minigame at the mailboxes next to Brin Galeglow.

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