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Defend your lands against hordes of monsters by placing penguin friends and other defenses strategically along the pathways. Don't let them reach the end of the path!

This is a Tower Defense minigame, and can be started at any Briarwood Defense Table.

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The standard strategy for any Tower Defense game is to stack your forces near the entrance with over-lapping fields of fire and mixed types. This approach actually works very well with this game.

For most Briarwood defense games, the easiest method for winning is to only use Castle Towers. Usually 1-3 of these towers (depending on difficulty of the table), with focuses on upgrades, will vanquish the waves of monsters!

Plants Alive! - Medium
Primary: Defeat all the waves of attacking monsters (10 waves)

Secondary: Build 4 Mushroom Towers!

Bonus:  Upgrade 3 Vine Towers!

  Difficulty:      Starting Coin: 30

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