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Weapons and Shields

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Tier 1 Group Weapons and Shields

Air Powered Blade of Reulsion Conquering Blade of Stars Copper Enforcer Disheartening Mace Eight Ferrum

Geodynamic Iron Shield Horizon of the Roar Iron Cloud Mute Spiral Piercing Star Rupture of Wind

Rustdown Sacred Blade of the Wind Shield of Stratos Sky Hammer Soothing Spike Starbreaker

Still the Sky Teal Sky The Silver Flash Vanda glow Wind Dirk Wind Lance

Tier 1 Tradeskill Weapons and Shields

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Secret Dawn Arcane Staff Secret Dawn Athame Secret Dawn Axe Secret Dawn Bastard Sword Secret Dawn Battle Rod Secret Dawn Battle Staff

Secret Dawn Bodkin Secret Dawn Buckler Secret Dawn Cane Secret Dawn Censor Secret Dawn Claws Secret Dawn Compound Bow

Secret Dawn Devotional Staff Secret Dawn Great Axe Secret Dawn Great Sword Secret Dawn Kite Shield Secret Dawn Longbow Secret Dawn Mace

Secret Dawn Rapier Secret Dawn Rod Secret Dawn Saber Secret Dawn Spear Secret Dawn Staff Secret Dawn Stiletto

Secret Dawn Sword Secret Dawn Tower Shield Secret Dawn War Sword

Tier 2 Weapons and Shields

Bloodstaff Bow of Prediction Broadsword of Nautical Twilight Careless Sigh Christening Rod Crystalline Flame

Crystal Misericorde Divine Bludgeon of the Inferno Duende's Swift Club Empyrean Falchion Empyrean Fist of Mischief Empyrean Stiletto

Enraptured Bludgeon Fiery Quill of Rumination Flickering Baton of Empyr Flowing Battle Staff Frog Bane Glass Misericorde
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Hoarfrosted Bow Incarnadine Shell of the Dawdler Phoenix Shard Prism Blade Redolent Bulwark Ruby Tear

Stave of Earth Sundering Windborne Cudgel

Raid Weapons and Shields

Aegis of Doomfire Arc of the Saffron Sky Axe of the Whispering Winds Bonds Control Severing Blade Deep Cavern's Shard Depths Singing Blade

Dread Edge of Hubris Fist of Rage and Embers Giant Lapillus Leg Bow Glowing Edge's Heat Heavy Onyx Heart Scepter Icicle Cage

Icicle of Wandering Willfulness Jagged Shard of Spirits Ralaifin's Dogma Rod of Effortless Might Ro's Curve Shield of the Giant Lords

Smoke Hides the Flames Smoldering Skies Spire Stave of Burning Compliance Sun's Golden Orb Sunspear of Ro

Tongue of Pyronis Weeping Oblivion World's Weight

Raid Tradeskill Weapons and Shields

Ascending Sun Arcane Staff Ascending Sun Athame Ascending Sun Axe Ascending Sun Bastard Sword Ascending Sun Battle Rod Ascending Sun Battle Staff

Ascending Sun Bodkin Ascending Sun Buckler Ascending Sun Cane Ascending Sun Censor Ascending Sun Claws Ascending Sun Compound Bow

Ascending Sun Devotional Staff Ascending Sun Great Axe Ascending Sun Great Sword Ascending Sun Kite Shield Ascending Sun Longbow Ascending Sun Mace

Ascending Sun Rapier Ascending Sun Rod Ascending Sun Saber Ascending Sun Spear Ascending Sun Staff Ascending Sun Stiletto

Ascending Sun Sword Ascending Sun Tower Shield Ascending Sun War Sword


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