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What are they?
With the release of Rain of Fear there is a new achievement type, "Slayer". These achievements track how many of a particular type of NPC you have killed and award you credit when you have killed the requisite number.

How do they work?
There are achievements included for every type of NPC in the game, from rats to gods. Just about everything you hunt in game will earn you credit on one or more achievements. They are not level restricted so any target is valid for hunting. At this time the "Slayer" achievements have been separated into four primary categories:

"Banestrike" is a new AA ability that was created to reward you for your efforts in slaying a variety of different species. The first time you complete a "skill slayer achievement" you will be rewarded with the Banestrike AA and the ability to use the AA on the target species.

The basics of the Banestrike ability is that every 60 seconds you will be able to activate the AA in order to deal damage to your target opponent. If you have completed the skill achievement for your target opponent then you deal damage to them. If you have not completed a skill achievement for that opponent then the ability will deal no damage.

There are three ranks of "Hastened Banestrike" that you can earn when you complete the "meta achievements" in the General category. Each rank will reduce the reuse timer of the AA by 5 seconds.

The damage done by Banestrike is scaled by level in 5 level increments.
If you would like to review the spell data the spell numbers are 37669-37689.
1: 5
5: 10
10: 15
15: 30
20: 40
25: 50
30: 60
35: 70
40: 90
45: 110
50: 130
55: 150
60: 230
65: 335
70: 450
75: 550
80: 1100
85: 2450
90: 4500
95: 6500
100: 8000
115: 18500

These "meta achievements" are there to track how many achievements of the other categories you have completed. Completing any of the three "meta achievements" will reward you with one rank of "Hastened Banestrike"

Achievement: Megadeath
Achievement: A Force of Nature
Achievement: Highly Decorated
Achievement: Progressive


These achievements are to track how many of a wide variety of NPCs you have slain and serve as a challenge to complete their total. The groups consist of a large enough variety of NPCs that you shouldn't find yourself unable to find enough targets to complete these achievements. The number of NPCs that need to be slain generally ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 but there are exceptions for rarer NPCs.

Achievement: A Sight for Sore Eyes
Achievement: BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!!
Achievement: Doesn't Play Well With Others
Achievement: Domo Arigato
Achievement: Don't Bug Me
Achievement: Foreign Affair
Achievement: Here Be Dragons!
Achievement: I Hate Snakes
Achievement: Invaders in a Strange Land
Achievement: It's Alive!
Achievement: Legendary Creatures
Achievement: Might They Be Giants?
Achievement: Orc Stomp!
Achievement: Pesticide
Achievement: Planes, Trains and Element-iles
Achievement: Plants Concrete and Stone
Achievement: Puttin' On The Dog
Achievement: Strange Weather
Achievement: Swordfishmermaid
Achievement: Table Flipper
Achievement: The Zookeeper
Achievement: Ugly Creature Near My Feet...
Achievement: We Are The Dead!
Achievement: Your God Has Found You Lacking.


These achievements are for more distinct groups of NPCs and reward you with titles for your dedicated efforts in eradicating that NPC type. This is your chance to really prove that you are the "Frogslayer" or "Halflingslayer" you were born to be. The number of NPCs that need to be slain is generally around 1,000.

Achievement: A Giant Problem
Achievement: Amphibicide
Achievement: Bird Flew
Achievement: Bounced!
Achievement: Breakdown Dead Ahead
Achievement: Catnipped In The Bud
Achievement: Dragonbane
Achievement: Drawing Life From a Stone
Achievement: Eight Legs Are Better Than One!
Achievement: Gnolling is Half the Battle
Achievement: Gooooooooooooooolem!
Achievement: Herbicide
Achievement: I'm Boared!
Achievement: I'm a People Person!
Achievement: It's Plane to See
Achievement: Kobolded the Killer
Achievement: Living Stone I Presume?
Achievement: Me Thinks That You'll Be Good To Eat!
Achievement: Monkey Business
Achievement: Mostly Kunzar
Achievement: Natives of Alaris
Achievement: Natives of Kuua
Achievement: Natives of Luclin
Achievement: Natives of Taelosia
Achievement: Natives of Velious
Achievement: Orc Kill!
Achievement: Rats!
Achievement: Short People
Achievement: Shorter People
Achievement: Simple Folk of the Ykesha
Achievement: Slayer of Mystical Horses
Achievement: Such Anguish
Achievement: The Cat's Pajamas
Achievement: The Hounds
Achievement: Three Letter Word For Dead...
Achievement: What Keeps Mankind Alive?
Achievement: You Call That A Dragon?


These achievements are for very specific groups of NPCs and reward you with the ability to enact a "Banestrike" (explained below) on that target after you have completed the achievement. Just about every race of creature that exists in EverQuest is represented here. The number of NPCs that need to be slain is generally around 100.

Achievement: 50 Shades...
Achievement: A Bone to Pick With You
Achievement: A Clockwork Gnome
Achievement: A Fallen Empire
Achievement: A Horse of Course
Achievement: A Molkor?
Achievement: A Small Giant Problem
Achievement: A Web of Lies
Achievement: Alliz Tae Ew
Achievement: Amazing!
Achievement: Aquatic Allure
Achievement: Armadilloed and Dangerous
Achievement: Army Ants
Achievement: Axe Me No Questions
Achievement: Badger, Badger, Badger...
Achievement: Barbarous
Achievement: Bat Country!
Achievement: Bear With Me
Achievement: Beetlemania
Achievement: Better Get a Barrel
Achievement: Bunnyslayer
Achievement: Corathus!
Achievement: Cubic
Achievement: Dainy It's Cold Outside.
Achievement: Dark Elf Antonican, Please!
Achievement: Denizens of Fear
"Optional" Achievement: Dino-Sore!
Achievement: Discord Sounds Out of Tune
Achievement: Don't be Shellfish!
Achievement: Drackity Drak
Achievement: Elementary
Achievement: Eye See What You Did There!
Achievement: Fairicide
Achievement: Featherbrained Plan
Achievement: For the Hive!
Achievement: Fury of Soriz
Achievement: Fuzzyfeet
Achievement: Get Stupid
Achievement: Get the Broom!
Achievement: Ghosts of Frostfells Past
Achievement: Ghoul on the Hill
Achievement: Gnome Tested, Steamwork Approved!
Achievement: Goo-dness Gracious!
Achievement: Good Luck, Bad Guk
Achievement: Got your Tongue?
Achievement: Guess You Didn't Like Turtles
Achievement: Half Man, Half Scorpion, Half Lion
Achievement: Hardly Erudite of You
Achievement: Have You Seen My Bucket?
Achievement: Here's Yer Grozmok
Achievement: Hide Your Brains!
Achievement: Highly Uncivilized
Achievement: I Said Argyle!
Achievement: Icky!
Achievement: Imp-atient
Achievement: Innoruuk's Gift
Achievement: Insatiable
Achievement: In Your Eyes
Achievement: It Stinks!
Achievement: It Was Called Tunaria
Achievement: It's a Frog Eat Frog World
Optional Achievement: In Your Eyes
Achievement: Jumjummery
Achievement: Leechy Keen
Achievement: Lumberer
Achievement: Moonkitty
Achievement: Mummy Dearest
Achievement: Mushroom Hunting
Achievement: My Golden Boots
Achievement: New Frontiers
Achievement: New Tricks
Achievement: No Vacancy
Achievement: Not a Kerran the World!
Achievement: Now .49999%
Achievement: Of Micelike Men
Achievement: Oh the Humanity!
Achievement: Orc Weapons, Your Blood Will Spill!
Achievement: Overthere in the Wastes
Achievement: Plenty of Fish In the Sea.
Achievement: Puzzling
Achievement: Quit Dragon Your Heels!
Achievement: Rat Killer
Achievement: Reader's Die Jest
Achievement: Re-Extinction
Achievement: Round of Applause
Achievement: Rrrribit!
Achievement: Sarnak Slayer
Achievement: Seacow!
Achievement: Sealephant
Achievement: Self Centaured
Achievement: Shadows of Lxanvom
Achievement: Shoo Fly!
Achievement: Snake in the Grass
"Optional" Achievement: Spider-Bear
Achievement: Spin Me Right Round
Achievement: Stake Dinner
Achievement: Stop Dragon This Out
Achievement: Suit Up!
Achievement: Terrorible Tentacles
Achievement: The Elephant in the Room
Achievement: The More You Gnoll!
Achievement: These Boots Were Made For...
Achievement: They Call Me the Riftseeker
Achievement: What Has Science Done!?
Achievement: Why so crabby?
Achievement: Why the Kylong Faces?
Achievement: Witch Mount?
Achievement: Wood You Could You?
Achievement: World Warrens Three
Achievement: You Dirty Ratman!
Achievement: You Keep Dragon Me Into This
Achievement: You Look Lovely
Achievement: You can call me Alaran
Achievement: You're Faunny
Achievement: You're Not Scaring Anyone.

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