eq:Seeds of destruction Launch Event  

On opening day, the following transpired in the Plane of Time.

Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord shouts 'My minions can easily deal with those of you brave enough to fight us, but I see two that would hide from us, using their weak magic to hinder us but too weak or cowardly to come down and fight. I shall deal with you myself! You, godling of decay. Your power is nothing compared to the dissolution of Discord. Decay is weak, slow and pathetic. Discord overcomes even you, weakling. You I banish back to your own realm to await the coming of your own end in the maelstrom of Discord.'

Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer shouts 'No! You can't! This is our place of power, you can never defeat us here! I will not be sent away like a . . .'

Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord shouts 'As for you, little goddess you claim domain over suffering, over pain. I can see clearly in your mind that you know much of such things. But that knowledge is as nothing when compared to mine. I have ridden Discord for nearly an eternity. I have seen pain that you could not bear to imagine. I know suffering, for it is always at my back, beneath my feet, seeping in between my toes. For you I will not offer the long suffering of awaiting your own destruction. You would find a way to enjoy that. No, since our passage here will be brief I shall simply kill you. If your power remains you may reform one day. If you do, then you may await the time when Discord arrived to rend this world. Perhaps you may prove worthy to become my consort and I shall bring you with me when we leave this place forever.'

Saryrn shouts 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!'

Terris Thule shouts 'I may be banished from this plane, but I shall continue our battle as only I can. Fear the time when sleep next comes to you, mortal fools! I know your nightmares. I am your nightmares!'

Cazic Thule shouts 'You fight as though terror follows behind you. And that will always be true. We will meet again!'

Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord shouts 'It is over. I now stand unopposed in this plane. It is time to do what I came here for. Go home, minions. You are no longer needed here.'

Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord shouts 'Come forth, bridgeburners. Open the final portal and we shall finish this once and for all. This is a rich world and the legion is hungry.'

Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord shouts 'Well done. It is time for this world to be embraced by the darkness, to feel the grip of Discord!'


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