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There are two open zones and six locked zones in The Darkened Sea.

Progression is strictly linear, with a storyline (quest overview) that begins in Tier 1 and ends in the final zone. You must complete all partisan tasks in the order listed here. Missions, if you have someone else to request them, can be completed any time, but to request them, you'll need to have completed all prior progression tasks.

Basically, to access a given zone, you need to have completed all bolded tasks listed before it.

Requirements for requesting mercenary tasks and heroic adventures vary by zone. Some have pre-requisites; some don't.

List of Tasks

Listed here are all tasks and group missions.

  • Bolded tasks represent the expansion storyline and are meant to be completed in the order they appear here.
  • Unbolded tasks are stand-alone, generally (but not always) with no pre-requisites other than a minimum level of 90-95.

Tier 1

Tempest Temple

Katta Castrum: Deluge

Tier 2

Brother Island

Caverns of Endless Song

Tier 3

Degmar, the Lost Castle

Thuliasaur Island

Combine Dredge

Arx Mentis


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