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All quests in Night of Shadows are level 120 required.

All zones are unlocked.

List of Tasks

Listed here are all tasks and group missions. Group missions have a ? hour lockout to request a different mission.

  • Bolded tasks represent progression task arc.
    • Each zones adventures and tasks make up a linear series to be completed in the order they're listed below.

Note: Most or all starting task NPCs are findable with the CTRL+F (Find) option. However some of these NPC's are located in other zones besides where the quest takes place.

Tier 1

Firefall Pass

  • Missions
    • None

Shadeweaver's Tangle

  • Missions
    • None

Shar Vahl, Divided

Tier 2

Paludal Depths

  • Missions
    • None

Ruins of Shadow Haven


  • Missions
    • None

Darklight Caverns


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